The Catcher in the Rye Dramatic Performance

For the creative project for The Catcher in the Rye you will be performing a scene from the novel in play format! 


            *Pick your groups (4 members per group)

*Pick a significant scene from the novel— I suggest picking a scene with a lot of dialect or a lot of inner monologue

*Convert the scene into play format (while I do not require a written script, I would suggest having something down in writing)

*Assign roles: actors, narrators…. etc

*Choose costumes and props

*Write a one page rationale

*Rehearse (you can use note-cards to aid you during your performance)

*Perform your “play” for the class! 


            *5-7 minutes long

            *All group members have active speaking parts

            *One page rationale of scene choice, staging choice, costumes, props

 Graded on:

            *Choice of scene

            *Length of performance

            *Active participation by all group members  

            *Use of costumes and props

            *Thorough rationale