Identity Unit Paper

For the final evaluation for the identity unit, I am asking you to combine everything we have talked about in the last eight weeks into a well developed paper. This paper will mainly deal with your own identity development, but you will be asked to tie your experience to at least two texts we have read during this unit.  

TOPIC: What makes us who we are? How is our identity developed? How have history and our past experiences made us who we are today? What experiences have you had that are similar to the ones presented in the readings for this unit?  

In your paper, explore the question of what makes us who we are in a reflective and insightful manner. We will have four writing workshop days which will include lessons on brainstorming, introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions, so don’t be too concerned about this assignment.  

FORMAT: 4 full pages, 12 point Time New Roman font, 1” margins, a separate title page  

DUE DATE: Monday, January something  

GRADING: I will grade your papers based on the following rubric