Introduction and Overview

 Welcome to our Webpage! 

This webpage provides you with the opportunity to examine the many different aspects of our unit, the theme of which is identity development. The main question we wanted to explore in this unit is "what makes us who we are."

Thus, we designed the unit around two main texts, The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger and The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. These texts were chosen because both of their protagonists deal with very specific issues of self development that will be beneficial to examine in a high school setting. In addition to these two books, our students will be asked to read a wide range of supplemental materials which can be found in the Materials section of this webpage.

This unit was designed to cover a period of nine weeks.  To view how these nine weeks are broken down, you can go to the Calendar section of the webpage. This section provides an outline of what will be covered during each day of the unit. The calendar also includes fifteen sample lesson plans, five lessons by each teacher.

To evaluate the students' progress throughout this unit, a wide range of assessments will be used. These assessments include:  3 reading quizzes, 2 tests, an identity project, a dramatic performance, a final paper and various other smaller daily assessments. Samples of assessment instruments can be viewed in the Assignments and Evaluation sections of this webpage.   
This unit was designed for a moderate level 9th grade English class.  Our class consists of twenty students with a wide range of ability, ethnic and racial diversity. The breakdown of our students is as follows: 9 African American, 7 Caucasian, 2 Latino/a and 2 Asian American. Furthermore, there are 5 students requiring special consideration: 2 students who have been diagnosed with ADHD, 1 student with progressive hearing loss, 1 student bilingual in English and Spanish, and 1 Asian American student who is having some trouble with written English. Oftentimes these students require some accommodations to fully succeed in the classroom. These accommodations can be observed in more detail through the sample lesson plans provided.

We hope that you enjoy this webpage and our unit plan. Also, we strongly encourage you to provide feedback and/or further suggestions to improve this essential unit for incoming freshman. 

Thank you! Feel free to look around!

Unit creators,

Ashley Hildebrandt, Maya Radovanovic, and Jason Ziols