The Catcher in the Rye Reading Quiz #2

1.  After successfully sneaking into his family's apartment, what does Holden realize when he goes into Phoebe's room?




2.  What "kills" Holden when he opens up Phoebe's arithmetic book?





3.  Why might D.B. not be coming home for Christmas?





4.  What does Phoebe figure out about Holden all by herself?





5.  At Pencey, why does an old man ask Holden if he can use the bathroom?





6.  What two things come to Holden's mind when Phoebe asks him what he likes? (2 points)





7.  What is the one thing Holden would really like to be?





8.  What does Holden lend to James Castle, his classmate at Pencey who died jumping out of a window?





9.  Who does Holden call at the end of Chapter 22?