The House on Mango Street Reading Quiz #1

1. Who is the author of the book we are currently reading?

a. Samantha Consuelo

b. Sandy Campbell

c. Sandra Cisneros

d. Sally Cutner  

2. What is the author’s heritage?

a. Mexican

b. Latina

c. Puerto Rican

d. Peruvian 

3. Name one other work this author has written (hint: we have discussed several in class)  


4. In English, “Esperanza” means: 

a. Summer

b. Love

c. Faith

d. Hope 

5. How many siblings does Esperanza have? How well does she get along with them?  

6. Describe Marin.  Why is she an important part of Esperanza’s life?  

7. “Them are dangerous, he says. You girls too young to be wearing shoes like that. Take them shoes off before I call the cops, but we just run” (Page 40). Explain the context and the importance of this quote.  

8. What is the canteen? Why does Esperanza want to go there?  

9. What type of sandwich does Esperanza bring to lunch with her? Describe what happens and why it is important.  

10. Define:

      1. frijoles  

      2. anemic  

      3. anchor