“Where I’m From” Assignment


What makes you who you are? 

What people have influenced your life? 

What memories have impacted you in anyway?



Due to starting a new unit on identity, it is important for you to know what attributes help to make you the person that you are.  Writing this poem will enable you to start thinking about your own identity and “where you come from.”



Write your own personal “Where I’m From” poem using the following format that is attached to this handout.  Be sure to fill in all the spaces using appropriate descriptions.  Also be sure to include favorite memories, events or people that may have influenced who you are today.



Along with the poem, you are to construct a visual or bring in an artifact that helps to further exemplify the person that you are.  Please try not to bring in anything too valuable, in case it gets lost!



This assignment is worth a total of twenty points.  The rubric that describes what you will be graded on is attached as well.  If you have any questions, come see me!   



Each person will be presenting their poems to the class tomorrow.  I look forward to hearing “where you come from”!